BIMA Data Privacy Summit


  • Boston, MA
  • Thu, June 17, 2021
    2:00PM - 5:00PM

This summit will feature a variety of speakers from the agency, brand, and ad tech perspective addressing the changing landscape of data privacy and the future of identity without third-party cookies. Join us on Thursday, June 17 to look more specifically at how new regulations are impacting advertising and how companies can shift gears to maintain effective and measurable ways of reaching their customers.

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2:00PM – 2:05PM

Welcome Remarks


2:05PM – 2:45PM

Future-Forward: The Rise of First-Party Data

With the impending loss of third-party data, many companies are investing in owning first-party data–i.e. data collected directly from their customers and users, handed over willingly, and often a more accurate source of marketing insights. In this session, we’ll learn from Jebbit’s Chief Marketing Officer, Pam Erlichman, as she sits down with Julianna Thiessen of skincare and beauty brand, Bliss, to discuss strategies for collecting and prioritizing first-party data, enhancing personalization, and deepening engagement with your customers.


2:50PM – 3:30PM

Responsible Advertising in the Age of Data Privacy

In this session, Hiran Patel, Chief Product Officer at Hybrid Theory will join Iris Guerra Schlesinger, Senior Director, Traffic Acquisition at CarGurus, to cover how consumer behavior is shifting in the ever-evolving privacy landscape; what the future looks like as the industry moves beyond cookies; the ethics of profiling and how artificial intelligence can be applied for good (and bad); how companies can grow brand trust as consumers grow more concerned about privacy; and more!


3:35PM – 4:20PM

Countdown to Cookieless: Are You Prepared?

How are advertisers embracing change and preparing for the loss of ad targeting tools such as third-party cookies and alternative identifiers like Apple’s IDFA? We’ll dive into this topic in a discussion where our panel experts from Gupta Media and Groupeconnect will share their perspective on whether Google’s Privacy Sandbox initatives like FLoC or Turtledove are going to effective replacements, as well as whether advertisers should kick their identifier “addiction” once and for all. They’ll also cover some new frontiers advertisers are exploring and discuss what measurement strategies can ensure KPIs are built with the evolving regulation landscape in mind.


4:20PM – 5:00PM

Networking Breakouts



Julianna Thiessen

Digital Marketing Manager / Bliss

Pam Erlichman

Chief Marketing Officer / Jebbit

Gogi Gupta

Founder & CEO / Gupta Media

Alex Binder

VP, Director / GroupeConnect

Iris Guerra Schlesinger

Senior Director, Traffic Acquisition / CarGurus

Hiran Patel

Chief Product Officer / Hybrid Theory

Lindsay Stewart

Vice President Sales, East / InMarket


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