Brand Purpose & Citizenship


  • Boston, MA
  • Thu, March 10, 2022
    12:00PM - 1:00PM

Today’s consumers are no longer only interested in what a product or service can achieve; they are looking at what impact a brand is making and what its values are. They want more than simply seeing their favorite brand post a positive message on social or use an influencer to promote their product. Consumers want to support brands who are building trust, taking responsibility, and taking action against the issues we are all facing today. Brand purpose and citizenship is top of mind in today’s consumers, as they seek to connect to brands on a personal and emotional level. Join us on March 10 as we hear from experts on how brands can excite and attract customers while staying true to their purpose, how brands can ensure authenticity in their efforts, and much more.



Antonio Nunez

SVP, Brand Strategy Director / Arnold

José Nieto

Chief Strategy Officer / ThinkArgus

Femaris Peña

SVP, Director, Diversity Demand & Supply / Mediahub

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